In This Moment by Autumn Doughton

in this moment

In This Moment

” A simple hello could lead to a million wonderful things “

Anne’s Review

***** 5 stars *****

This is the exact reason why I have always and probably will like Bad boys in books (not in real life cuz I’m married to one awesome dude)…. They are douches, they are arrogant, they are 100% Hot and will probably break your heart into pieces.. But if you are that lucky girl that gets to turn that around… Well, its just perfect. I love love stories like this…. This love story started out as curiosity for Cole. When Aimee accidentally tripped over and fell on his lap, he was smitten. But how she was was not like all the other girls on campus; they literally throw themselves at him. He is the star athlete, insanely gorgeous, and the most popular guy in school . Aimee on the other hand is just a new girl that wants to be invisible and focus on being normal and alive. She continues to be haunted by her past and can’t seem to forgive herself to what happens that one summer with her best friend. She is lost, broken and driven with guilt. The last thing she needs is a distraction from this beautiful green eyed guy.

I have never read a story wherein you feel like you’re actually there witnessing these two people connect. I love that it is written in both Aimee and Cole’s perspective. The author gave us a glimpse into how a guy thinks and feels. It’s very refreshing to read about how guys can get affected as well.

” I’ve just been wondering what it would be like to see this girl smile- to be the one to make her smile “

– Cole

” Aimee. I let the name roll around my head, making room for the idea of her “

– Cole

” And if she wanted to, She could reach into my chest and rip my heart out of my body because it already belongs to her “

– Cole

I love that the author doesn’t censor anything; how Cole thinks and talks is probably how a true guy,in his standards, would talk or think. You get to know both characters pretty well and actually see the change within each other.

Autumn Doughton writes so poetic that you can really see every tiny little details of each scene. She brought both of the main characters to life. I love Aimee for the fact that she was not annoying or weak, despite what she has been through. She was strong in her own way. And she loves Harry Potter. I totally agree with her too with there are only 2 types of people:

1. People who love harry and wish they could go to Hogwarts with their best friends Ron and Hermione…. and the other half: Douchebags.

I can honestly admit that if Aimee was a real person; id be her friend.


Aimee Spencer

( the once broken girl that tamed the untamable Cole Everly )


Cole Everly

( ” Handsome is not the word. It sounds too bland and average and this guy is anything but average ” )

Of course I loved Cole. He might have been a bad boy but as the story progressed you definitely see a different side of him. No matter how bad they are trying to be, theres a reason for it and there’s always hope that they will turn around. That’s why it is so much more fun to read about them; bad boys will always keep me on my toes.


” All we get are moments. One at a time, like heartbeats. Once one of them is gone, thats it. No do-overs. No repeats. Every moment possesses its own kind of magic and what we do with it counts. It counts. “

soundtrack list:

1. Train – For ME, It’s You

2. Agesandages – No Nostalgia ( in the book )

3. Julian Roso – Never Forget

4. Script – Breakeven

5. James Morrison – You Make it Real

6. Parachute – The Mess I Made

7. One Republic – Stop and Stare

8. Snow Patrol – Run

The book brought out all types of emotion; I laughed, I cried, I felt giddy and I fell in love with Aimee and Cole. It is not just about them or about love. It is more…’s about friendship, letting go, forgiving, and family. This book was like a movie. The way Autumn plays with her words she makes you feel like you are really watching the characters and watching each scene unfold in your head. It was perfectly written and I loved that the story felt so real.

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