About us

Two women sharing one connection. Their love for stories…

We have known each other for 10 years. You see, our husbands are cousins and we realized after many coffee and cigarette breaks, we share the same interests in music, movies and especially BOOKS!

Whenever we would get together, we would be so consumed in conversations about major plots, characters and emotions emitted from the books we read. Our husbands would laugh every time we discussed a book because they believed we were talking about actual people! So they suggested we start a book blog…and here we are!

A little about Anne:

I fell in love with reading after I read Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Ever since then, I have had relationships with all types of genres, switching up from week to week….At this moment, I’m in love with the New Adult/Young Adult books; and who knows what I will be into next month. I’m really glad that we decided to have a blog dedicated to books. I will definitely enjoy sharing the books I’ve read with you and the thoughts and emotions that ran through my head while I was reading them….

A little about Millie:

If I’m not working, with my husband, or playing with my 3 year old son, I’m on the couch reading a great book! I love to read anything from YA, dystopia , Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary, Chick-Lit…the list goes on and on! But right now, my favorite genre is NA so you’ll be seeing alot of reviews in this category. And I can’t wait to discuss with you!



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