End of Days by Susan Ee ( Penryn and the End of Days book series book 3 )

End of Days “Power is best held by the ones who don’t want it.” Anne’s Review *** 3 stars *** The book starts right off where we left off from World After. **** Check out old book review World After: http://the-book-ends.com/2013/12/03/world-after-by-susan-ee-penryn-and-the-end-of-days-book-series-book-2/?preview=true&preview_id=746&preview_nonce=bc21fd89de  Penryn and Raffe on the run from Uriel while searching for a doctor that […]

The Appleton House by Nicole Castro

The Appleton House Master carpenter Ashe Whitaker is excited to work on the historic bed and breakfast, The Appleton House, but the owner’s daughter proves to be a distraction. Finding out that fun-loving Perry is engaged is only a minor set-back. He’s been an idiot fiancé before and knows just what seeds of doubt to […]